by SG

Keys come in different shapes, sizes and colours, however there is only one key into the tranquillity of our minds. For every seven white there are five black and together with the confidence of a pianist, can produce the beautiful sounds that Andrew Bird, also known as Angelo Uccello, grasps so well. He brings classical music to the modern day. The young composer, who has hit YouTube with a storm with his successful piano tutorials, can be proud of his album titled ‘Quando Diciamo Addio’ which translates directly from Italian as ‘When we Say Goodbye’.


After listening to Giorni Dispari by Ludovico Einaudi, a mesmerised Uccello had changed and the moment marked the beginning of what would become the musician he is today.


Angelo noticed how his school was not supporting music as deeply as he perhaps wanted, but noticed a small keyboard during a musical workshop to which he began to play. “I just sat down at the keyboard, completely at random, and that’s where it all began,” he explains. The workshop inspired him to look for piano songs that he liked on YouTube, but with ‘on piano’ included in the search. A particular version of My heart Will Always Go On caught his ears and he began to watch.


“I never had anything to play at home, so I asked a family member who I knew had a little keyboard if I could borrow that and thankfully they said yes” he said. Angelo enjoyed learning the song and felt a huge amount of satisfaction from finishing the piece after translating what he saw in


front of him on the video to the little Casio keyboard.


The window of opportunity opened for Angelo who feels that ‘it’s a good time for music’, with the kind of material for beginners to learn from being so easily available. The keyboard was soon too small as Angelo admitted to learned songs at a faster rate than he ever thought he could. Three months of playing didn’t just mark the change in keyboard, but also the completion of To Zanarkand from

the video game, Final Fantasy X, which is considered difficult for beginner musicians.


Ten months on and Angelo sat at his first grand in a piano store where the staff watching him perform estimated him at grade six/seven equivalent. Angelo then launched himself as a brand on YouTube and uploaded videos of himself teaching piano with an outstanding success of over three million views however it was not until 2009 that Angelo’s first composition, Quando Diciamo Addio was written and to then form the basis of his debut album. With a growing fan base on YouTube, demand was high and so he would keep composing new material with inspiration drawn from a photograph he keeps besides his piano; the crashing waves on the golden sands at Palm Beach.


In the two years, Angelo chose his twelve final songs and released that important debut album. After only being available on CD, a digital copy finally made its way on iTunes, but only week’s afters its independent release, Angelo was posting copies out across the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and America. One copy even made it to Palm Beach, bringing a tear to his eye.


Is it true that keys can bring such beauty to someone’s life? If your heart will open out and accept change, an interlocking emotion from music and beauty itself, then yes.