by ZB

What is the key for love concluding with ‘Happily ever after’? How can love twist our lives? William Shakespeare, the father of English literature, asks the same questions when writing the most famous love tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”.


Keys in life are often tricky. They unlock doors you may have never thought of. As strange as it may seem, the key to someone’s heart is not given with purpose. It is always voluntary, a magic which pushes all imaginable boundaries or limits. The key which Juliet gave to her Romeo was meant to bring happiness and joy, not sorrow.


Some open doors can be dangerous. This was the case of the heartbroken Romeo upon entering the Capulet`s home with the only intention to forget about the tear in his heart, his unrequited love Rosaline.


One golden smile can be the key. A young and vibrant Juliet unchained Romeo`s heart in a flash. Melancholy was easily replaced by heart-melting love which soon turned out to be the key to heaven and hell.


But life is unfair and often places in your hand the wrong key. It might be a destiny or simply coincidence. The love which Romeo and Juliet experienced with their first kiss can be considered as a coin with two sides. Maybe life is the person who tosses the coin and there is no right way to deal our drawn lot.


Is Shakespeare right that one kiss can be the only key for a truthful love or are we still the victims of an

unknown common law which gives power to other factors when it comes to love? I fear the second might be true, love without the right keys is often disastrous and never easy, a Capulet versus Montague circle of misfortune.


Exterior forces, be it friends or family may separate lovers physically but they do not hold the power to separate true hearts. The tragic death of Romeo and Juliet was the only way that the long-term family rivalry between Capulet’s and Montague can be forgotten.


The keys for a successful love, here and now, might be lost from the very beginning. What the story of Romeo and Juliet actually shows is the way we can overcome the wrongly-given keys in this life. There is no other path except for love.


Even now, 6 centuries after Shakespeare touched his quill, the same rules apply. Tragedy and love are always firm friends. Keys for happy love are always tokens of luck. It does not matter if the right door is opened; we are still willing to take the risk, aiming for happiness.


Hope is never lost even after death. Shall we forget about our preconceived conceptions for a minute and feel the beauty of love buried deep inside?

Listen to your heart, it is saying: “When you have the key to love, nothing is impossible”.