Seven is a number that is linked with many things. It is one of those things that carry a huge amount of significance and associations. Everyone will think of something different when the number seven is mentioned. One of the possible associations that might occur is the seven wonders of the ancient world.


The seven wonders of the ancient world were all glorious monuments to gods or kings. Every single one of them outdid the others in detail and grandeur. Each wonder mobilised an army of people, sometimes over generations, to erect such monuments. Anyone who lived to see these constructions would have sworn they would outlast man on Earth. These superstructures were true to their very name: they caused wonder. They humbled the most illustrious by their prestige.


Of these seven wonders only one survived, the oldest, the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Interestingly it was the most simple of all as well as the one that probably took the most effort to build. A sound lesson can be learnt from this. However fastuous the other wonders were, they did not last to see this day. The great pyramid, and its two sisters, are still here and keeping their cores safe. In life one should aspire to build a pyramid. A strong base, sharp edges, exposed faces, and a polished point. A strong personality, a sharp brain, an open mind, and a strive for excellence.


As time passes any kind of frivolity and complexity will wear out. Only the heart will be left, if the form has no heart it will be lost in the ages. If the heart is the form it will outlast time.