by MLC

You are the repressed. We are all the repressed. The greatest and worst minds the world has seen were repressed at some point.


Repression is a cancer. Anyone of us can be affected and many of us are, be it first hand or through someone we love. Like cancer, repression is a catalyst for other illness. It is a catalyst for fear, for doubt, for anger and frustration but it is also a catalyst for greatness. When Martin Luther had a dream, he broke through the fear of repression and the fear from repression and gave hope to millions. When Emily Pankhurst fought for her right to live freely, she released scores from their handcuffs, their boundaries.


When you take your fear of rejection, of emotion or of making mistakes and choose to break the barrier, you are free.


Repression is nothing without fear and your life is only half-lived when you hold onto it.


Do not be afraid.


It takes a strong person to break external boundaries but it takes a giant to fight your own repression.


You are a giant.


If your fear just told you otherwise, if it said: “You are no giant, you are too old, too young, too anxious, too damaged”, just look at it. Look at it and smile. Say, “I harbour you and I can get rid of you.”


When you think you can’t? When you need a push or a hug or a reassurance that repression can be fought, there is always someone. For we giants stand together. And repression? Repression will cower in our shadows.