Yellow, even though not the colour of the peacock, is the colour of peacocking. The latter being the crave for attention through a display of difference and originality, trying to stick out.  Yellow helps, but yellow is very hard to get right. There are so many different kinds. From highlighter yellow to the deep rich yellow one can find painted on houses in the Mediterranean. One should not discuss tastes and colours, yet this is a case calling for cautiousness.


It is a colour you notice whether you like it or not. Many shades, for as many, if not more, attributes. It is for some the colour of brightness, youth, and the sun while for others it is the colour of warning, jealousy, and toxicity. Bright colours never have been very dominant in everyday fashion, possibly for the sake of blending in. They become a tool for those who want to stand out. A risky strategy, one will either be a bright light or an ‘original’, certainly not in the best sense of the term. Just like the peacock seeks attention with his feathers, the human peacock feeds on the attention given to him. However, he begs. That, ladies and gentlemen, is no good. He certainly will get it, the attention, but the irritated attention we give to a fly. We cannot get our minds off it and there is not much we can do about it. For the better of everyone please do not become that person. Peacocking is forcing, it is begging; one should attract the attention without asking for it. Be the best without shoving your feathers in everybody’s faces, and possibly without having to show them at all.


This not a manifesto to ‘blending in’. Please be different please stick out, but be yourself. Do not force it. Do not be a highlighter. Be the sun. Shine without blinding. Disappear at times. Be natural. Pierce through clouds. Warm others. Leave some shade. Accept not being the only star in the universe. Be constructive not destructive. Be welcome.