Our conscious and our unconscious both have their own dreams. There are dreams, in the usual sense of term, the ones we have in our sleep, which are the product of our unconscious selves; and there are dreams which are closer to ambitions and aspirations, those we should be chasing, living in our conscious. These are certainly linked, where one influences the other and vice versa.


Dreams are an exploratory device, in both cases children of our brain. It is easy to shape them. With some training one can take control of their sleepy dreams, thus allowing the exploration of a world where only the rules of one’s own mind apply. This is where it becomes interesting. Our mind builds dreams from previously observed phenomena, people, and objects. Every person met in one’s dreams has been seen beforehand in conscious reality. Our dreams are just a reconstruction of reality and experiences. Our mind is thus storing all the ingredients of reality separately and our imagination creates a similar world with these ingredients. This new world is different; physics can or cannot apply, everyone can only have one leg, or there is no floor. However it is always anchored in reality in one sense or another. Our dreams can include telekinetic powers and all sorts of bizarre elements but we cannot imagine anything truly unseen, anything truly revolutionary. Imagination is an assembly process. It cannot work without the ingredients. Try making a meal without any ingredients. It is impossible; guests will have to eat thin air.


This property of dreams is what makes them such useful tools. The anchor allows us to reconnect these to our conscious reality. Overruling utter impossibility, we can build our aspirations. They might be original, even though still inspired, but they will remain physically feasible. Our wildest dreams allow us to change the scope through which we see the world. The ultimate task is to experiment various potential realities in our dreams to find which ones are the best for us. Transferring these dreams into conscious dreams, aspirations, and living for these in a scope defined by our selves and not by others. Living the dream.