by ZB

Imagine a green meadow, full of flowers which just saw the sun, a tranquil natural environment ready for new beginning.


Have you recognised the fresh spring, coming slowly like a wood nymph, hiding behind the first leaves of the flowers. She is playing with the meadow creatures, butterflies are dancing around her hair and rabbits are gambolling around her.


Love is all around. One deep breath of fresh air, heartfelt excitement, an embodiment of hope and joy.


Welcome to my music bubble. Did you feel something whilst reading?


Those lines describe the opera "Four seasons" composed by the indisputable talent of 17th century: Antonio Vivaldi.


What really made me choose this masterpiece for my imaginary bubble is the finesse and the simple beauty emulating from it.


The concert composed in 4 parts is not only extraordinary, but it stimulates our senses to actually paint in different colours our own lives.

Vivaldi's concerts not only stimulate our imagination, but they also help us relax and think more positively. This fact even has scientific basis justifying the positive effect of classic music on our bodies. It is well-known that our bodies mainly consist of water.


From 75% in infant's body to 45% in an adult with high obesity rates, water is extremely essential and it affect not only how our physical, but also our mental health.


But how is that connected to classical music?


In fact, Russian scientists have spent years researching the structure of the water and how it relates to human health, both physical and mental.


In the film “Voda", scientists argue that the structure of water is directly influenced by classical music. It transforms the structure into well-arranged and harmonic shape such as snowflake, heart or star.


Obviously, my body as well as soul are set on the inspirational tune by Vivaldi. I love to listen to “Four seasons”  late in the night. This is the time when peace and quiet atmosphere rule me. Vivaldi's violins make

it easy to forget about our problems. It is not only about the music, it’s about natural science.


Classical music is also a vehicle to change your life perception. Nowadays people tend to forget about the beauty around. Vivaldi reminds us to cherish these "small " and beautiful things like the freshness of the spring, the summer storms, the red of an autumn leaf and the delicacy of the first snow-flake.


What makes "Four Seasons" so special to me is the attachment and the inspiration from nature. In our high-tech 21st century, I hardly see people like Vivaldi who actually reincarnate the beauty of nature into music. This is the lesson we must learn from this masterpiece.


My music bubble disappears with the last tunes of Winter concert but my love for Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" will stay there forever, because music is equal to love. Love from Vivaldi to the public, from the public to the universe. We are part of a puzzle where music and peace are the keys for resolution.