Night, in a virgin territory, no light pollution, just the moon and the stars. One looks up and appreciates the peculiarity of this night. The moon is there and so are the stars, but there are more, a lot more. The usual dark cape of night is pierced by an infinity of small holes letting the light through.


At first it is a feeling of beauty that overwhelms. Night lights up. It looses any kind of eeriness. The impressionist midnight canvas is a feast for the eyes. Soon these same eyes get lost. There is no end to this view.


The initial beauty and pleasure of the moment has left. This same wondrous infinity becomes worrying. The ability to see everything results in the realisation of one’s insignificance. We are nothing.


Humanity is dust, a split second in the lifetime of the universe. What are we to do?


We cannot grasp the idea of infinity. The more we try the less we do. That is what saves us. Our eyes shift back towards our feet and all is well. We return to our comfortable Earth. An hour later there isn’t much left from that feeling of nothingness.


Safe in the knowledge that we do not need to change our universe, we live.