People are parodies. They act in the way they believe they should. It is forced. Observe carefully and notice the actor. It is the norm and everyone is guilty of it. Some fall into a habit and end up being method actors constantly playing the same role.


Once they know something, they assume it leads to the need to act a certain way. The inspiration for the characters comes from other parodies or worse the parodies that are reflected through the ever-growing number of mirrors the many media provide.


It makes them so easy to fool. Understand the role they are playing and become a character in their story. Assure them in their act. Tell them what they want to hear. They will leave behind any kind of doubt they might have had about being who they are and enjoy your entrance in the plot of their lives.


We are all guilty of this parody. Yet, it is one thing to be guilty and another to be conscious of it. Once the latter stage reached life becomes a game. It becomes a parody of a parody. Choose your act and play a practical joke on the world. Don’t take yourself seriously; life is no fun that way.