We lived walled up. Not only physically, where most us live between solid and opaque walls, but mentally, we build walls. We build walls to keep things out. We build walls to keep things in. We build walls to separate things. We build walls to lean against. We build walls to display pictures. We build walls to redirect things. One's mind is a labyrinth because we build walls.


Walls are not the solution to everything, They are useful when they work in favour of our desires. However, they can be just as annoying when they are there to stop us. Any wall, metaphorical or not, can be bypassed. It can be broken, jumped, depending on the type of wall and its characteristics. Therefore, what it contains can also bypass it.


When a wall is irrelevant, passed, destroyed, or worn out, it will not accomplish its purpose anymore. That is where one must face the consequences of being a mental maƮtre d'oeuvre. Sometimes the wall lasts long enough to let the threat die off, sometimes it makes it stronger, or sometimes it is just a small delay.


In the end, not matter how many or how big, walls do not last, either because of will or because of time. At some point one must face the other side, or worse maybe get lost in one's own labyrinth.