Beauty is a lie; it cannot last forever. Truth is ugly, set, it cannot change. Truth is simple, bold, and violent. That is why we hide in beauty; we hide in beautiful illusions. Pleasant lies to make us forget reality. We humans judge books by their covers; it becomes so easy to build illusions, to confuse and silence us. A little white lie or a huge scam, we fall. We forget that beauty is as vicious as truth. Beauty is no sign of gentleness; it is only gentle on our senses, until the veil breaks. Pandora was beautiful.


In the same way there are more illusions than known truths, there is also more beauty. Beauty easily turns into an obsession that entails multiple makeovers which later obliterate the coveted beauty. The veil is torn and beauty turns into a vice. What we forget is that beauty is not only aesthetic. We feel beauty in actions, in feelings, in stateā€¦ This intangible beauty is the one we should seek. The beauty that cannot be faked; it might not last but will be remembered. We should look for this true beauty, beauty with meaning. This can be found everywhere and if not more often in said ugly and unknown. The beauty is beyond.


Once your eyes get accustomed to the dark, you grasp and appreciate what you can see and moreover what you cannot; what you remember. Let that be light. True beauty is not beauty as we understand it; it is elegance, a compelling story and engaging picture, the smallest of gestures, a blink, a spark, a surprise, to larger mazes in our universe, the deep blue sky. Beauty is that gasp of air in the ocean of turquoise illusions, the deeper you go, the darker it gets. Find true beauty or a beautiful truth and use it as driftwood. Let it guide you to more, build yourself a raft and hope to find land but beware of mirages.