Palmarium is a cultural magazine aimed at the refined reader. It is not a news magazine. It aspires to bring reflection, inspiration, and stimulate imagination. It is a passport; a passport to travel through time and space. Read anywhere at any time, it can be both the stimulus to wonderful dreams and the spark to a lively debate.


Engaged with the classics and bringing a contemporary view on them, it also aims to discover the classics of tomorrow. Figure Tolstoy and Aristotle debating on which Alexander was the greatest; Baudelaire and Poe getting drunk in a dream within a dream; Zelda and Scott listening to Ella; Churchill and the wanderer above the sea of fog discussing the persistence of memory; a titan and the Valkyrie dancing by the swan lake; Poquelin and Grenouille talking about Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia; Jeanneret and Balenciaga watching a single man on wire; Phileas Fogg and Hemingway drinking absinthe before leaving for a grand tour; all of this in Oscar Wilde’s flourishing gardens. Palmarium wants to offer the best spectator seats and take a look at the latest guests to this beautiful party.


Latin for masterpiece, it is the perfect combination of commitment to the intellect and love for the arts. It is the perfect coffee table magazine, one that you are proud of reading but want to keep for yourself. Its ambition is to end up in every respectable establishment and house, as well as a reference in the areas it touches.

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